[2008.9] Wifi very unreliable

Michael Shiloh michael at openmoko.org
Wed Oct 8 18:42:00 CEST 2008

Tom Yates wrote:
> On Sun, 5 Oct 2008, Steve Mosher wrote:
>>  Thanks,
>>    Maybe you could work with micheal to put this on the wiki.
> i also wrote up my positive experiences with openmoko (see at 
> http://www.teaparty.net/technotes/openmoko-2.html , if you like).  is 
> there some mileage in a wiki page where people can link to their 
> writeups, each with perhaps a paragraph of "this is what i managed to do, 
> and it's documented here and here and here"?
> i know in an ideal world i'd've written all my stuff up on the wiki 
> itself, but i just writing it all down was hard enough work; wikialising 
> it was more than i could bear, and i may not be the only such person.

Great post. I'll extract some things for the wiki. You of course are 
invited to do the same.

I don't think we have a specific page linking to other people's pages. 
Usually they are linked in various relevant sections (e.g. since you 
give an excellent wifi writeup, yours might be a good page to link to 
from our wifi section). Perhaps we need to rethink this (on the 
documentation list).

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