OpenMoko codesprint at FSCONS, 24th Oct

Fredrik Wendt fredrik at
Thu Oct 9 09:08:27 CEST 2008

Hi freedom lovers,

The organizers of this year's FSCONS[0], hosted in Gothenburg Sweden,
earlier this week announced[1] that it will host an OpenMoko code
sprint. The details posted[2] says that the goal of the sprint is to
work on an application called voj (see the site for details) but also to
just shed light on the project and answer questions for any of those not
familiar to the OpenMoko project.

I'm one of those that will be at the site and try to get as many as
possible to throw their Nokias, SE:s and Motorolas out the window and
instead decide they choose freedom and OpenMoko over ... some bad words
regarding their current locked in phones. :)

I'm glad this takes place in my hometown and I urge anyone that has the
possibility to take part to either visit the conference which I feel is
truly "one a kind", or by joining the mailing list at or jump in on
irc:// and say hi.

Hopefully we'll get the media present interested enough to run a story
on how open source collaboration can look like (Agile, very close to
it's users and leveraging functionality actually requested by real users
and not some developer apartment).

Apologies if you consider this being spam.

I hope to see you at the conference!

	Fredrik Wendt

[0] October 24th - 26th @ IT University Gothenburg 

PS. Briefly on FSCONS:
As three of the biggest names in community organisations, Free Software
Foundation Europe, Creative Commons and Wikimedia Sverige are joining
forces under the banner of Free Society at this years FSCONS. With the
help of many different organisations like Debian GNU/linux, KDE,
Postgres, OpenStreetMap, Midgard, CCMixter, Magnatune and the Icelandic
Fab Labs, FSCONS will be a truly unique experience. DS
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