New pulseaudio supports bluetooth devices

Michael Zanetti michael_zanetti at
Thu Oct 9 09:50:47 CEST 2008

On Thursday 09 October 2008 08:30:55 Fredrik Wendt wrote:
> tor 2008-10-09 klockan 01:19 +0100 skrev Rui Miguel Silva Seabra:
> > PulseAudio 0.9.13 introduces
> > support for Bluetooth audio devices
> >
> >
> Very exciting. I've been using my SonyEricsson BT-headset for about 18
> months using alsa's support for bluetooth and A2DP. With Ubuntu 8.04 the
> quality (hifi) went down marginally (I haven't had the time to search on
> how to increase sbc bitpool[0] (which is my guess on what happened)).

53 is indeed the best setting for the bitpool. Using higher bitpool values 
doesn't increase the quality much and I haven't seen many devices (mobile 
phones, headsets...) so far that support higher values. Instead, make sure you 
are using 8 Subbands (4 Subbands really smashes down quality) and a 
blocklenght of 16 (shorter blocklengths increase data throughput). Support for 
these settings is mandatory and most likely you have already set it up this 

If quality still isn't getting better I guess its the encoder you are using. I 
have seen some devices that have problems encoding/decodig with certain 
settings while other settings may work well. I haven't had any experience with 
alsa a2dp streaming so far though as I _really_ hate alsa config files. So I 
didn't take the time to setup a2dp streaming on my linux devices here...

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