[Raster+FSO] Some issues

flamma at correo.ugr.es flamma at correo.ugr.es
Thu Oct 9 11:50:34 CEST 2008


I have recently installed the new Raster's image, and I was surprised of
how beautiful it is, and how well 3D effects work. I want to congratulate
rasterman for his work.

I decided to give FSO a try, so I installed frameworkd and zhone.

Unfortunately, I also have a lot of issues with it (making the phone
unusable). I'll try to enumerate:

1 Sound doesn't work well. This is being covered in other mails, so I
won't extend here. After installing oss packages, some applications
managed to get sound working, but not the calls or ringtones.

2 Sometimes, the illume controls just dissapear, and I can only access to
zhone. You can still see a tiny (one pixel height, I think) noisy band up,
but can't do anything with it. Restarting X doesn't work, neither
rebooting the phone. The only solution I have found is to delete .e/e
directory, but I lose all the configuration (and doesn't last for long).

3 Wifi gadget doesn't work at all.

4 I can't set a wallpaper. When you select a image, e says you that the
wallpaper can't be set because of a conversion error, and then, that file
.e/e/fileman/favorites (or something similar) can't be found. I'm very
sorry for not giving you the exact error, but I can't test it right now as
I have no illume controls (view 2).

5 Wake up doesn't work. Anytime the phone suspend, I have to turn it off
and on again. It seems to poweroff well, so I think the problem is with
the screen which doesn't turn on. Only once, I have met the infamous WSOD
(first time since I have the phone).

6 The alarm doesn't power on the phone, so I'm arriving late at work.

7 Some application launchers don't appear in the Home menu. At least, the
one of the "Battle for Wesnoth" package, that used to appear on 2008.X .

I think that's all by now. I hope this report help finding bugs.

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