omview is cool!

Hendrik Siedelmann hendrik.siedelmann at
Thu Oct 9 12:02:09 CEST 2008

2008/10/8 Marcel <tanuva at>:
> Hey!
> I didn't fiddle with my neo for a few weeks now and flashed 2008.8_20080903
> today (which suspends/resumes fine for me, hooray, but "settings" doesn't
> start yet...) and installed omview because I had heard of it here. I just
> need to say: to whoever made omview, this thing is really cool! Controlling
> it through gestures works fine and it simply does what it's intended to do (I
> think so, from what I know it does).
> Keep that up!

Thanks a lot, nice to hear that. I really took care to make the
program simply work without fiddling, and it's good to hear this is
And yes it does not much, show images. 1:1 zoom on click. That's all.
No hidden features (Ok aside from raw file support - I'm propably the
only one using that).


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