New to Freerunner

raf at raf at
Thu Oct 9 11:51:29 CEST 2008

I recieved my Freerunner a week ago and I have some questions/issues.

-I have 2 sim cards: An "old one" issued to me 5 years ago by my Telco  
(Mobistar in Belgium)
This one works in the freerunner perfectly

I have a newer one also issued just in januari wich is linked to the  
phone number i'm intending on using in the future.
When I insert this sim card regardless in what distribution  
(FSO,2008.8/9, QTextended) I have to enter my PIN twice and then it  
returns me "Sim card not present"

When I use the working sim card with FSO the sound isn't working.  I  
get no dialtone when making calls or no ringtones when recieving when  
the freerunner is set up to ring and vibrate.

Is there anyone with tips / information regarding these issues?

Thank you in advance

Raf Goetschalckx / RaGoe

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