[FDOM] Bluetooth kbd?

Alastair Johnson alastair at truebox.co.uk
Thu Oct 9 15:08:33 CEST 2008

Christ van Willegen wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 1:03 PM, Alastair Johnson <alastair at truebox.co.uk> wrote:
>> Christ van Willegen wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> did anybody have luck with FDOM and a bluetooth keyboard (iGo to be
>>> exact). hidd seems to be broken, in that it says 'scanning' and
>>> immediately quits...
>>> Christ van Willegen
>> It'll do this if bluetooth isn't on and working. Use hciconfig to check
>> this.
> I turned on Bluetooth in the settings screen (I also tried in the
> 'services' screen), but I didn't have any luck.
> Let me try that again...
> According to both 'Services' and 'Settings', Bluetooth is 'on', but
> hciconfig returns zilch.
> Christ van Willegen

echo "1" > /sys/bus/platform/devices/neo1973-pm-bt.0/power_on
echo "1" > /sys/bus/platform/devices/neo1973-pm-bt.0/reset
echo "0" > /sys/bus/platform/devices/neo1973-pm-bt.0/reset

wait a few seconds then try hciconfig again.

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