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flamma at correo.ugr.es flamma at correo.ugr.es
Thu Oct 9 17:10:27 CEST 2008

For some unknown reason, my mail client usually select the list as
destinatary when replying, but sometimes it selects the original sender. I
didn't notice that I was having this conversation "on private" with
raster. With his permission, I forward it FYI.

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Asunto: Re: [Raster+FSO] Some issues
De:     flamma at correo.ugr.es
Fecha:  Jue, 9 de Octubre de 2008, 1:06 pm
Para:   "Carsten Haitzler" <raster at rasterman.com>

> slight problem - never meant to make the illume image a "usable phone" far
> from
> it - it's n ultra-minimal "raw desktop only" image where i can/will
> configure e
> +illume how it really was meant to be used/configured. :)

It's ok, raster. I had realized that. This mail is not only for you, but
for the commnunity who is willing to use your image a "usable phone" ;)

> well sound does - this is a zhone issue specifically - alarm sound works
> doesn't it? :) so sound works. just some apps don't.

Yeah. I think something more has to be installed, but I have no idea.
Perhaps someone manage to get it working.

>> 2 Sometimes, the illume controls just dissapear, and I can only access
>> to
>> zhone. You can still see a tiny (one pixel height, I think) noisy band
>> up,
>> but can't do anything with it. Restarting X doesn't work, neither
>> rebooting the phone. The only solution I have found is to delete .e/e
>> directory, but I lose all the configuration (and doesn't last for long).
> i have never seen this.  bizarre. unfortunately - until i see it - it's
> hard to
> debug. it doesn't ring any bells as to what it could be.

I have to send a picture, but I can't right now. If that helps, first time
it happened to me was when I was trying to set other theme than the
default. When changing, it got to that state. The other times is after a
reboot. Maybe there's a better way to shutdown e than calling 'poweroff'.

>> 3 Wifi gadget doesn't work at all.
> all it does is open the netlink socket and ask the kernel for signal
> strength
> of the first wifi dev it finds (fr only has 1)- it does work. i'm staring
> at it
> right now. the problem you may see is it's always "100%" and this is a
> driver
> problem. already reported in trac:

No. That's not my problem. When I press the applet, it shows a nice
window, and then you can select wifi, lan, etc. But inside the window you
can't see the networks. Then, I press "Select Network" or something
similar, and the window disappears.

> i know. the wallpaper dialog is useless on the screen res there. intend to
> redo the e dialog so not only does it work on desktop but looks great on
> tiny
> touchscreens. i just haven't gotten there - been busy with other things.
> no
> one's paying for this stuff - but they are for other things... so
> priorities
> first. btw the error you get is just that i didn't include edje-utils in
> the
> image :) again - when i get to fixing the dialogs of course that'd get get
> added :)

Ok. Now I know that it was not intended to work ;)

>> 6 The alarm doesn't power on the phone, so I'm arriving late at work.
> i know! :) related to the above i think too as well as a bug in waker code
> i
> have fixed locally - but also i think because of some rtc issues.

Ok. I have just remembered that yesterday, when I powered on the phone,
the alarm started to sound. But the alarm "window" was absolutely blank,
so I had to open a terminal, look for the process and kill it. Today it
didn't start, but I think that's because issue 2.

> it all depends on application categories. a lot just don't have any or
> don't
> have any in the applications.menu file list. i have not even tried to
> fix/change this. this is the same one FSO ships.

Ok. I'll look it.

> my focus is on a container for other things i'm doing and bit by bit
> polish up
> pieces and make it better - illume, e17, theme, etc. etc.

And I think everybody in the community is thankful for that. Just in case,
I wasn't trying to blame you for each thing that doesn't work on my phone

Thanks for your responses.

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