[qtextended] After 4 days...

Paul paul at nlpagan.net
Thu Oct 9 17:25:35 CEST 2008

I must say I am quite pleased with the Freerunner and QTextended.

Battery life is quite good (much more than 1 day). Do note I don't call 
much and don't play around with wifi/gprs/gps at the moment.

I noticed that plugging in the headset (while in the car for handsfree 
phone) or listening to music makes the FR switch to "plugged in" mode, 
and unplugging the headset did not switch the FR back to "unplugged".

Did more people notice this?


Good friends are good for your health.
-Irwin Sarason

Running on Mandriva Linux 2008 and Ubuntu 8.04

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