Accelerometer question

Rui Miguel Silva Seabra rms at
Fri Oct 10 02:01:14 CEST 2008


Big question:
	Are the accelerometers constantly draining battery life?


	The rate at which they feed me data only starts up when the file
	handle is opened, and stops when it's closed?

If it's the first case, then the init scripts should shut both
accelerometers down as soon as possible, and software that uses them
should turn them on as needed.

I'm just wondering, because my 1 year old Nokia 2670 just lasted a whole
week in idle on an 700mAh battery, and OpenMoko lasts only about 8/9
hours in idle with a 1200mAh battery. It is nuts, we all know that, but
I'm more interested right now into extending battery life, as it is my
single greatest problem with OpenMoko right now.

Yes, the software still has edges too rough for non Free Software
passionate developers, but at least for me it is usable enough as a
daily phone except for battery life.

Great job so far guys! :)


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