[2008.9] Wifi very unreliable

Arigead captain.deadly at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 22:20:05 CEST 2008

Steve Mosher wrote:
> We should allow for links to peoples pages.

Hate to throw a spanner in the works but I think ideally the information 
should be on the wiki and maintained there. How up to date is the info 
on an external site, if it isn't maintained, or how do you know it is 

There is an external link on the GPRS wiki page to a German site for 
installing the GSM Multiplexor and a GUI. I've been trying to get those 
instructions to work for the last couple of days. I assume I'm getting 
something wrong but how can I be sure, given the speed things change in 
OpenMoko, the instructions still work.

Of course I'm talking about the ideal world but I know that the wiki is 
maintained so I'm more trusting of info there and more likely to bring 
problems with the info to peoples attention.

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