OpenMoko codesprint at FSCONS, 24th Oct

Mirko Lindner mirko at
Fri Oct 10 10:52:18 CEST 2008

Hi Fredrik,

thanks for the kind words, I thought I'd chip in with an article on[1].

Looking forward to seeing you and other Openmoko enthusiasts and  
freedom activists at FSCONS [2] ;)



> Hi freedom lovers,
> The organizers of this year's FSCONS[0], hosted in Gothenburg Sweden,
> earlier this week announced[1] that it will host an OpenMoko code
> sprint. The details posted[2] says that the goal of the sprint is to
> work on an application called voj (see the site for details) but  
> also to
> just shed light on the project and answer questions for any of  
> those not
> familiar to the OpenMoko project.
> I'm one of those that will be at the site and try to get as many as
> possible to throw their Nokias, SE:s and Motorolas out the window and
> instead decide they choose freedom and OpenMoko over ... some bad  
> words
> regarding their current locked in phones. :)
> I'm glad this takes place in my hometown and I urge anyone that has  
> the
> possibility to take part to either visit the conference which I  
> feel is
> truly "one a kind", or by joining the mailing list at
> or jump in on
> irc:// and say hi.
> Hopefully we'll get the media present interested enough to run a story
> on how open source collaboration can look like (Agile, very close to
> it's users and leveraging functionality actually requested by real  
> users
> and not some developer apartment).
> Apologies if you consider this being spam.
> I hope to see you at the conference!
> /
> 	Fredrik Wendt
> [0] October 24th - 26th @ IT University Gothenburg
> [1]
> [2]
> PS. Briefly on FSCONS:
> As three of the biggest names in community organisations, Free  
> Software
> Foundation Europe, Creative Commons and Wikimedia Sverige are joining
> forces under the banner of Free Society at this years FSCONS. With the
> help of many different organisations like Debian GNU/linux, KDE,
> Postgres, OpenStreetMap, Midgard, CCMixter, Magnatune and the  
> Icelandic
> Fab Labs, FSCONS will be a truly unique experience. DS
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