[FSO] latest upgrade disabled my phone

rhn rhn at o2.pl
Fri Oct 10 19:29:51 CEST 2008

Today, opkg upgrade behaved wildly from the very beginning.
After issuing the command the first time, the screen went blank (major downloading had taken place, ut I was not paying attention to it); I thought it maybe stalled so I did opkg upgrade once more - it upgraded fso-gpsd among other things.

I hoped that I'd receive a new batch of fixes (notably for gps which couldn't get a fix after previous upgrade), but the result is a bit different.

I didn't have a chance to check it out, because the device locked all the doors and windows from me - leaving me with zhone, Illume taskbar and the Home application with no icons.

I can't open a terminal (no icons), I can't log in through SSH (usb0 doesn't show up on the desktops as it previously did).

What other trick should I try to be able to fix it? I don't really want to flash the device again...


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