Fun using power button LEDs as battery indicator

Nick Van Fossen stix213 at
Fri Oct 10 22:36:53 CEST 2008

Some of you probably knew this, but I just found out that the Freerunner actually has a couple LEDs under the power button, but they don't seem to be used yet in 2008.9 stable.  So, I thought it would be helpful to use them as an external battery power indicator.  If you are like me, I let my phone screen go black after 60 seconds and go to suspend by button press only, so this is also helpful to tell if the Freerunner is in suspend or powered on with the screen off.  

Power button blue for high battery, purple for medium, and orange for low.  

Perl script and simple instructions:

By the way, suspend mode and the phone itself are working great for me after figuring out that pulseaudio was causing major problems.  Don't install the mediaplayer, and if you did...  get rid of pulseaudio and the phone starts working pretty good.  


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