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Joel Newkirk freerunner at
Sat Oct 11 00:10:30 CEST 2008

On Fri, 10 Oct 2008 09:05:09 -0700, Michael Shiloh <michael at>
> David Garabana Barro wrote:
>> On Friday 10 October 2008 12:50:57 Cédric Berger wrote:
>>> Ok, thanks...
>>> Would be interesting if by chance you could check between the ID pin
>>> and ground if you have a resistance close to 4.7Kohm ...?
>> I will look at it, and post the results.
> Anxiously awaiting your measurements.
> If there is no 4.7K resistor, I'd move this discussion to the kernel 
> list. We should not be charging at 1A if we do not see this resistor.

The cig lighter adapter I got is just a USB port, (the ID pin doesn't exist
there) just jack in the USB<->MiniUSB cable.  I get the same readings below
on AC, on PC, and on DC.  If I force charging to 500mA or 100mA then they
reflect that.

root at iota:~# cat
root at iota:~# cat
charger 1A mode 1A

Regarding kernel, I'm running Raster's image plus frameworkd+zhone. (from
FSO unstable) "uname -a" tells me "Linux 2.6.24 #1 PREEMPT
Fri Sep 26 14:13:25 EST 2008 armv4tl unknown".  If the kernel handles this
normally, what kernel module? (or is it inbuilt) 'lsmod' shows me ohci_hcd
and hci_usb, nothing else USB-related.  Also, lsusb is always blank output,
even when I've got a thumbdrive mounted and can see sda in
/proc/partitions.  (Raster's image is stripped down to the bare minimum for
testing, I've tried to install all the significant support packages [from
FSO unstable feeds] but something missed might explain empty lsusb, empty
/proc/bus/usb, and always charging 1000mA...)


If forced to 1000mA with "echo '1000'
it will revert on reboot, right?  (I'd rebooted a few times since playing
with my 'ggg' usb control script, and I can't imagine it surviving full
powerdown, but...)

What about when power is simply removed and restored?  If not, then what
settings can be made (via sysfs or dbus)  to restore it to automatic?


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