What should a community manager do?

Stroller stroller at stellar.eclipse.co.uk
Sat Oct 11 11:32:30 CEST 2008

Blimey! Rod makes some GREAT points here - this email should probably  
be a standard reference document for OSS projects. When I got to the  
bottom & read his credentials they seemed entirely congruent with his  

I just want to add one little thing, and that's DON'T OVERLOOK THE  
DETAILS... as Rod has been thorough in his post, so should you be  
thorough if trying to  foster an OSS project. Sure, looking after all  
the little details should ensure that the bigger picture holds  
together, too, but if everything else is going through a bad patch, or  
someone is having a bad day, these little things can be the last straw.

On 11 Oct 2008, at 06:48, Rod Whitby wrote:
> ... Never let an external developer be
> inconvenienced because some mailing list is sending duplicate  
> messages,
> ...

Openmoko has been told about this COUNTLESS times, and nothing seems  
to get done about it. Has anyone actually tried fixing the mailing  
list software / server? Some days it just really pisses me off,  
reading through the mailing list and having to click "delete" all the  
time, because I've seen that message 3 times already.


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