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Sat Oct 11 13:18:13 CEST 2008

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Fox Mulder wrote:
> Andy Green wrote:
>> The issue is "what does idle mean".  Suspend for Freerunner should last
>> a week.  Sitting there with CPU up even with backlight down is 60-90mA
>> on battery, suspend is 5 - 10mA and that's why you get battery life
>> reduced accordingly if you stay out of suspend.  That's a kernelspace
>> issue on the one hand (suspend is not entirely reliable) but also a
>> userspace issue (there have been bugs negotiating entry to suspend
>> instead of sitting there with CPU up at 400MHz and backlight down).
> Since suspend/resume works again i did a little test how much power my
> neo uses when in suspend. :)
> The starting situation was that i used debian with [1] as kernel and had
> wlan+gsm activated and only zhone and openmoko-panel-plugin running.
> Than i plug off the power cradle at 100% battery level, suspended my neo
> and let it sleep for 6 hours. After i woke ip up it only had 24% battery
> left. This means ~3/4 of the 1200mAh accu drained. 900mAh in 6 hours
> means that it used 150mA in average all the time while in suspend. This

Well, it's not "suspended", we have to take care of the nomenclature was
my point.  Suspended means the CPU is "off".

I agree that 150mA is no use for "suspend", but I think you find the CPU
was up during that.

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