What should a community manager do?

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Sat Oct 11 15:48:23 CEST 2008

On Sat, 2008-10-11 at 05:35 -0700, Duv wrote:
> I think that we might be at a point where this should be our first concern.
> How to lift the tide to all boats in the Moko pool. Management of the
> community is a great start, since what we currently have would be best
> described as disarray. 
> My only concern here is that there seems to be a separation between the
> developer and the user... that in the community both seem to have there
> little corner. Maybe I am reading that wrong, but if I am not... I am not
> too sure that it's something that I would agree with, if only because the
> current make-up of OpenMoko, Developer and user are one in the same. 

I didn't read it like that.  As someone who is learning by doing it felt
more like an invitation. 

    From Rod's post:
    "Make the barrier to entry very low (if you can write either the
    code or the manual page or the build system or the gui for
    "hello, world" for the openmoko, then you're qualified to
    have access to the SVN or Git repository)."

I also agree with the separation of devel and community lists.  Its like
rooms in a house.  Different things happen in different rooms.  However
that doesn't mean you can't go into different rooms.  I entered OM
through the living-room.  Heard lots of lively conversations.  Joined in
some.  Then I started to smell the cooking that made me hungry and went
into the kitchen to watch what was going on.  Being hungry I started
looking for places to help. Help with the prep? Some appetizers?  I'm
slowly learning to cook myself.   If you're like me when I'm in the
kitchen cooking a big meal my focus is on the task at hand.  Some banter
is around the food is fine, but conversations about church and state no.
Save that for the living-room.

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