Openmoko to shift to 2.6.27 kernel ?

Joel Newkirk freerunner at
Sat Oct 11 21:26:14 CEST 2008

On Sat, 11 Oct 2008 13:29:39 +0100, Andy Green <andy at> wrote:

> Hi -
> I spent a lot of time tracking upstream HEAD for several months, we do
> have development 2.6.27 kernel based on upstream release 2.6.27.  Not
> everything works yet but it's basically "there".
> If you're interested to visit the "edge" and know how to DFU stuff
> around with NOR to get yourself in and out of trouble, you can get a
> "moredrivers" kernel here
> sources:
> for daredevils this works with the U-Boot replacement Qi (image is ready
> for DFU into NAND bootloader)
> sources:
> Qi will boot from /boot/uImage.bin on ext2 first partition of SD Card if
> present, else fallback to NAND kernel.
> - -Andy

Sign me up, baby!  I live on the edge! :)

Qi boots like a dream - no kernel messages scrolling by, just turns on
backlight on a black screen for about 5 seconds (heartstopper of sorts the
first time) then the graphical boot progress screen appears.  I'd
guesstimate that overall boot time was improved perhaps 15%.

NOTE for other 'daredevils':  Qi does NOT provide a boot menu. (at least
not that I could find, not at this point)  The usual NOR uBoot menu you use
to flash your Neo (Aux first, power second, wait for menu) of course works
fine, but if you try the usual procedure to fire up NAND uBoot (Power
first, aux second, wait for menu) you get no response.  (not even the
'backlighted black screen')

The kernel wasn't so dreamy...  On first flash a few trillion CRC errors
seemed to scroll by, then it hung.  Subsequent attempts: with Qi I get
white screen for a half second, then backlighted black screen for a couple
seconds, then off, with AUX red LED blinking about 4/sec.  If I boot into
NOR uBoot and select 'boot', I can see the screen as it load the kernel and
starts it up.  Then I get 17 lines on the screen, with AUX red LED again
blinking ~4/sec:

##### init_resume_dependancy_list(head=c040e9fc)
##### init_resume_dependancy_list(head=c040eac8) 
##### init_resume_dependancy_list(head=c040eb94)
glamofb_update_lcd_controller spin_lock_irqsave
glamofb_update_lcd_controller spin_unlock_irqrestore
fbcon_event_notify action=5, data=c781faa8
glamofb_update_lcd_controller spin_lock_irqsave
glamofb_update_lcd_controller spin_unlock_irqrestore
glamo_mci glamo_mci.0: ****** glamo_mci_reset
glamo_mci glamo_mci.0: error after cmd: 0x8120
glamo_mci glamo_mci.0: error after cmd: 0x120
glamo_mci glamo_mci.0: error after cmd: 0x8120
glamo_mci glamo_mci.0: error after cmd: 0x120
lis302dl lis302dl.1: unknown who_am_i signature 0x00
lis302dl lis302dl.2: unknown who_am_i signature 0x00
kernel panic: not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

(lis302dl are the accelerometers)

One other interesting thing happened while I was flashing about: I
committed the unutterably stupid error of flashing uBoot into the kernel
space.  In this broken state, the instant I restored power (remove/replace
battery) the blue Power LED came on, blinked off for a fraction of a second
every 10 secs or so.  I've never seen this before - is it coming from Qi?? 
It was really instantaneous upon battery reinsertion, I didn't press power
or anything. (I thought it sat in powered-down state at that point, guess I
was mistaken)


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