[Raster+FSO] Illume keyboard troubles

Joel Newkirk freerunner at newkirk.us
Sat Oct 11 23:12:40 CEST 2008

At various times the past few days I've encountered a few repeating (but
not yet consistently reproduceable) problems with the Illume keyboard.

1 - intermittently, when pressing a key in Terminal keyboard it will switch
back to Default keyboard.  Most often when this occurs I've pressed
'space', usually at or near the bottom edge, and the keyboard changes even
before I raise the stylus.

2 - very intermittently, it registers the wrong keystroke, usually the key
TWO rows above the one pressed.  IE, I press 'B' but it will produce 'Y',
press 'G' and get '6'.  If it were one row above I could blame it on
touchscreen vs stylus, but two rows is definitely NOT that.

3 - When switching screen orientations (using Illume Config 'screen
resolution' dialog) sometimes the Illume keyboard is stretched to fit the
landscape mode screen - if this happens, the keyboard consumes about the
lower 65% of the screen, leaving room for about 4 lines between keyboard
and top shelf.  (http://newkirk.us/om/Screenshot-4.png)

4 - After #3 occurs, reverting to Portrait orientation leaves the keyboard
scaled to the larger size, centered, so that for Terminal keyboard only
keys from 2 to = are visible.  (IE, enter is off the right edge of screen,
1 is off left side) (http://newkirk.us/om/Screenshot-5.png)

Finally, something inherently repeatable:  When I tap the icon to choose
different keyboard layouts, the pup-up list is three lines high.  It
contains 'Default', 'Numbers', and 'Terminal'.  Unfortunately, it also
contains horizontal and vertical scrollbars, forcing me to scroll the list
before I can select 'Terminal'.  (when combined with #1 above, it becomes
downright maddening, having to tap-scroll-tap each time it switches itself
back to Default)  Considering that this popup is guaranteed to be temporary
why not just expand to screen limits before adding scrollbars?


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