[Raster+FSO] Illume keyboard troubles

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) raster at rasterman.com
Sun Oct 12 04:01:19 CEST 2008

On Sat, 11 Oct 2008 17:12:40 -0400 Joel Newkirk <freerunner at newkirk.us> babbled:

> At various times the past few days I've encountered a few repeating (but
> not yet consistently reproduceable) problems with the Illume keyboard.
> 1 - intermittently, when pressing a key in Terminal keyboard it will switch
> back to Default keyboard.  Most often when this occurs I've pressed
> 'space', usually at or near the bottom edge, and the keyboard changes even
> before I raise the stylus.

i suspect this is a touchscreen issue as it detects a swipe. try gpe-sketchbook
and see how sometimes your touches and presses do strange things compared to
what you think they did...

> 2 - very intermittently, it registers the wrong keystroke, usually the key
> TWO rows above the one pressed.  IE, I press 'B' but it will produce 'Y',
> press 'G' and get '6'.  If it were one row above I could blame it on
> touchscreen vs stylus, but two rows is definitely NOT that.

again - i think it's the above. i have seen sometimes strange things happen
with ts input

> 3 - When switching screen orientations (using Illume Config 'screen
> resolution' dialog) sometimes the Illume keyboard is stretched to fit the
> landscape mode screen - if this happens, the keyboard consumes about the
> lower 65% of the screen, leaving room for about 4 lines between keyboard
> and top shelf.  (http://newkirk.us/om/Screenshot-4.png)

known. :) kind of tough though. the kbd wants to expand the keyboard RETAINING
aspect ratio. either its get you a bigger kbd or keep it the same height as in
portrait and waste space OR it's make it all stretched (and that doesn't look
too hot...). it's a choice between evils.

> 4 - After #3 occurs, reverting to Portrait orientation leaves the keyboard
> scaled to the larger size, centered, so that for Terminal keyboard only
> keys from 2 to = are visible.  (IE, enter is off the right edge of screen,
> 1 is off left side) (http://newkirk.us/om/Screenshot-5.png)

known :) something i have to address and recent edje changes have been getting
in the way.

> Finally, something inherently repeatable:  When I tap the icon to choose
> different keyboard layouts, the pup-up list is three lines high.  It
> contains 'Default', 'Numbers', and 'Terminal'.  Unfortunately, it also
> contains horizontal and vertical scrollbars, forcing me to scroll the list
> before I can select 'Terminal'.  (when combined with #1 above, it becomes
> downright maddening, having to tap-scroll-tap each time it switches itself
> back to Default)  Considering that this popup is guaranteed to be temporary
> why not just expand to screen limits before adding scrollbars?

known :) it's to do with initial sizing and shortcuts taken to get ASU shipped
- it worked fine with the ASU theme as it didn't have any scrollbars. so you
never noticed the laziness.

> j
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