What should a community manager do?

Duv duvelle.jones at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 09:33:45 CEST 2008

digger vermont wrote:
> I didn't read it like that.  As someone who is learning by doing it felt
> more like an invitation. 
It was late when I posted that, so maybe it was the lack of sleep talking.
But even still, I guess my point is that I don't think that to groups need
to be isolated, separated but not mutually exclusive .

I also agree with the separation of devel and community lists.  Its like
> rooms in a house.  Different things happen in different rooms.  However
> that doesn't mean you can't go into different rooms.  I entered OM
> through the living-room.  Heard lots of lively conversations.  Joined in
> some.  Then I started to smell the cooking that made me hungry and went
> into the kitchen to watch what was going on.  Being hungry I started
> looking for places to help. Help with the prep? Some appetizers?  I'm
> slowly learning to cook myself.   If you're like me when I'm in the
> kitchen cooking a big meal my focus is on the task at hand.  Some banter
> is around the food is fine, but conversations about church and state no.
> Save that for the living-room.

You know what, so do I... there is a need for organizing the community at
this point and a separation of devel and users will accomplish a lot in my
personal view. As I said earlier, the one thing that I would not like to see
is an isolation of the two groups (if it can be helped anyway). The low bar
to entry would help ensure that users making the jump into the development
of Moko items will not have much to imped them. There may be other thing
that users would need to make that jump when they feel that they are ready
to do so. For now, even with what is purposed here... I am not sure that it
would end there to help (yeah even Mom) users jump into Moko development.
The only other thing that I can do at this point is keep an eye... see that
things don't go south. 
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