2/3: What people want Openmoko to do?

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>> Openmoko — how many are subscribed to your email lists?

announce: 11187
community: 2240
devel: 1218
openmoko-kernel: 640

We have some statistics at https://monitor.openmoko.org/munin/
The statistics there are very IT/tech focused, but I think roh & gismo  
will be open-minded to improve if there is interest.
You can create tickets with requests for better statistics in our  
admin-trac, http://admin-trac.openmoko.org/
Maybe one day you can just direct your browser to monitor.openmoko.org  
(http, not only https :-)), and get a bunch of meaningful & live  
Filing specific requests into admin-trac helps.

Thanks and Best Regards,

On Oct 11, 2008, at 9:26 PM, Risto H. Kurppa wrote:

> I just was able to release the second part of the posts. For full
> version, see http://risto.kurppa.fi/blog/discussion-23-what-people-want-openmoko-to-do/
> ################################
> This is the part two of the post series discussing the status of the
> Openmoko community. The discussion is split in three posts to make it
> easier to read. This first post discussed the status of the community
> and the third will discuss one of the possible solutions to improve
> communication.
> In this second part we will discuss the expectations people have for
> the software or simply what people want Openmoko to do.
> What people want.. People always want something.. In this case there
> are not much people can demand Openmoko does. Openmoko has their own
> plans for the future and if they see that they can use community for
> something, I hope they'll do it. If not then.. that's life. But here
> are some expectations the community members have on Openmoko.
> The comments without the e-mail addresses are from community mailing
> list, the rest from the comments of my previous post. Remember, these
> are only parts from the messages so please check the original posts
> for more details!
> <!-- to see the removed comments , see
> http://risto.kurppa.fi/blog/discussion-23-what-people-want-openmoko-to-do/
> -->
> Having several (forked) distros around is okay if the fork developers
> really want to take a completely new direction. If the devels feel a
> need to fork because it's in one way or another difficult to
> contribute (no SVN access or something), then I think there's
> something wrong in the community and project management. I don't know
> what's the case in Openmoko. From what I know, FDOM was created to add
> all the community applications to the original Openmoko 2008.x so it
> seems to make sense though I don't know if it has to be a distro and
> not a add-on package or install script to 2008.x but that was not the
> topic of this post…
>>   October 7, 2008 at 7:47 am / mwester
>>  Well said. Openmoko sold a vision, and found an eager audience.
>> Unfortunately, they didn't seem to have any idea what to do with  
>> that shared vision —
>> as a result, the community gradually dispersed and fragmented.
>>   But all is not lost, by any means. As long as people complain  
>> about the situation, there
>>    is hope — they still care. Openmoko needs to look very closely  
>> at the data that only *they* can see:
>>   Openmoko — how many are subscribed to your email lists? How many  
>> of them are active
>>   (i.e. have sent an email in the past 6 months)? Now, how many  
>> phones did you sell, Openmoko?
>>   Openmoko — where are those thousands of missing phones? Are they  
>> in desk drawers?
>>   Cardboard shoe boxes in closets? Dust bins? More importantly,  
>> where are those thousands of
>>  potential contributors, potential ambassadors, your in-the-field  
>> sales force for selling both
>>  the vision and the phones?
>>   The hardware and software problems are trivial in comparison to  
>> the loss of the community
>>   mindshare — and ultimately that goes beyond a vision and goes to  
>> the bottom line.
>>   Openmoko had better hire a community manager, not for the  
>> community's sake
>>    (although we'd certainly welcome such a person), but for their  
>> own business survival.
> Mwester said it better than I was able to. I might not be quite that
> pessimistic but I think that the community would be able to do more
> than it currently does if properly managed and empowered. This
> includes both developers and users, there's no reason to make a
> division here!
> Next post will discuss one of the possible solutions to the
> communication problem.
> ####################
> to see the original post, see
> http://risto.kurppa.fi/blog/discussion-23-what-people-want-openmoko-to-do/
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