Compressed file system for SD?

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Sun Oct 12 04:37:24 CEST 2008

The jffs filesystem used on the NAND is compressing, which is great for
our use case.  For the SD that would also be very desirable (especially
with the provided 512MB µSD), but it seems that ext3 is the filesystem
of choice there.  Has someone tried to use a compressing filesystem


PS: I've used jffs2 on a USB drive (through block2mtd) and it works, but
it's inefficient (because of block2mtd) and it's not clear how/if it
would work here (it went through an initrd); but a basic x86 Debian
install (for rescue, but including gcc to compile extra packages) fits
just fine in 256MB this way, so 512MB would be plenty.

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