Compressed file system for SD?

joakim at joakim at
Sun Oct 12 17:34:16 CEST 2008

Hey, great to see you here Stefan!

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Stefan Monnier <monnier at> writes:

> The jffs filesystem used on the NAND is compressing, which is great for
> our use case.  For the SD that would also be very desirable (especially
> with the provided 512MB µSD), but it seems that ext3 is the filesystem
> of choice there.  Has someone tried to use a compressing filesystem
> there?
>         Stefan
> PS: I've used jffs2 on a USB drive (through block2mtd) and it works, but
> it's inefficient (because of block2mtd) and it's not clear how/if it
> would work here (it went through an initrd); but a basic x86 Debian
> install (for rescue, but including gcc to compile extra packages) fits
> just fine in 256MB this way, so 512MB would be plenty.
Joakim Verona

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