Openmoko to shift to 2.6.27 kernel ?

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Sun Oct 12 19:29:53 CEST 2008

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Joel Newkirk wrote:

> Qi boots like a dream - no kernel messages scrolling by, just turns on
> backlight on a black screen for about 5 seconds (heartstopper of sorts the
> first time) then the graphical boot progress screen appears.  I'd
> guesstimate that overall boot time was improved perhaps 15%.


> NOTE for other 'daredevils':  Qi does NOT provide a boot menu. (at least
> not that I could find, not at this point)  The usual NOR uBoot menu you use

Right Qi's concept is it leaves everything possible to Linux, that
includes even the video init.  You can use NOR U-Boot on Freerunner to
do DFU or other U-Boot specific stuff.  Qi has a list of bootable
devices and currently will try uSD partition 1 for /boot/uImage.bin, if
that is not working out then it will try the NAND kernel partition.

> The kernel wasn't so dreamy...  On first flash a few trillion CRC errors
> seemed to scroll by, then it hung.  Subsequent attempts: with Qi I get

Currently 2.6.27 doesn't do mtd properly and blows chunks with these CRC
errors, didn't find why yet.  But it does work with uSD boot on ext3 OK.

> white screen for a half second, then backlighted black screen for a couple
> seconds, then off, with AUX red LED blinking about 4/sec.  If I boot into
> NOR uBoot and select 'boot', I can see the screen as it load the kernel and
> starts it up.  Then I get 17 lines on the screen, with AUX red LED again
> blinking ~4/sec:

The red LED thing is what we do on kernel panic... it's panicking
because it can't mount the jffs2 part because of the CRC errors, then it
has no rootfs.

> lis302dl lis302dl.1: unknown who_am_i signature 0x00
> lis302dl lis302dl.2: unknown who_am_i signature 0x00
> kernel panic: not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
> (lis302dl are the accelerometers)

Yes accel code is undergoing renovation and is broken right now, all the
others are actually just informational.

> space.  In this broken state, the instant I restored power (remove/replace
> battery) the blue Power LED came on, blinked off for a fraction of a second
> every 10 secs or so.  I've never seen this before - is it coming from Qi?? 
> It was really instantaneous upon battery reinsertion, I didn't press power
> or anything. (I thought it sat in powered-down state at that point, guess I
> was mistaken)

Yes Qi has tried all its boot devices looking for valid kernel and
reacted with the blue light when it sees it has nothing valid to boot.

Thanks a lot for trying it and reporting it, you'll get further with uSD
boot right now.

- -Andy
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