Example of community manager job role (Was: FBReader now working on the FreeRunner)

Rod Whitby rod at whitby.id.au
Sun Oct 12 22:48:10 CEST 2008


I can't understand how you took my mail to be a flame?  (Apologies for
not changing the title - I've rectified that now).

What I was trying to do was to point out with a real example what Steve
was asking for - what would a community manager do to bring one more
very effective developer "into the fold" - e.g. working inside the
openmoko framework in a way that incrementally builds on existing
openmoko developer resources rather than needing to have packages that
are patched versions of packages in the existing openmoko source base
but due to not having commit privs end up being totally disconnected
from that source base, autobuilder and official feeds.

If the below 4 steps were done for every external developer who
announces a new tool, then we wouldn't need to have the discussion about
how opkg.org links to external feeds and ensures the security of
downloads, since everything would be coming from the official feeds and
built with the trusted openmoko autobuilder.  And we'd have many more
application developers feeling empowered to port applications have their
work known and used by the maximum number of people.

Seriously dude, this is meant to help improve the openmoko community,
not flame about it.

-- Rod

Kosa wrote:
> Easy dude, there is a discussion taking place about that right know on
> this very list,
> and this kind of comments don't help at all. Be aware of the last thing
> we need is
> one more flame.
> You made some incredible points about why should we have a community manager
> and what things he or she might be doing, but then again, this does not
> help at all.
> BTW, if you change the topic of the thread, you change the subject as
> well. No need
> to be the CM to say that. ;-)
> Cheers!
> Kosa
> - Un mundo mejor es posible -
> Rod Whitby escribió:
>> If Openmoko had a community manager, that person would contact Michael directly and:
>> 1) Invite Michael to get commit privs and commit this patch himself directly to the OM repo.  This may include teaching about how it all works.
>> or
>> 2) Grab the patch, add it to the repo themselves (if Michael is not keen to become a full developer)
>> and
>> 3) Make sure the autobuilders for all the different distributions build this package and put it in the official feeds.
>> 4) Add the entry to opk.org
>> Then all Openmoko users would benefit from Michael's work, and hopefully Michael would accept the offer of commit access (and access to do everything else above for himself) and be able to port many more applications for Openmoko without needing the intervention of the community manager in the future. 
>> -- Rod
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>> From: Michael Sheldon <mike at mikeasoft.com>
>> Date: Monday, Oct 13, 2008 5:55 am
>> Subject: FBReader now working on the FreeRunner
>> To: List for Openmoko community discussion <community at lists.openmoko.org>Reply-To: List for Openmoko community discussion <community at lists.openmoko.org>
>> Hi all,
>>> I’ve just spent the day hacking on FBReader to make it work correctly 
>>> under OpenMoko (OM2008.*). Until now it’s been pretty much unusable due 
>>> to the GPE version of FBReader expecting you to be using a device that 
>>> has some physical buttons which then get bound to vital functions like 
>>> turning the page. The changes I’ve made are as follows:
>>>     * Add scroll forward/backward buttons to the toolbar
>>>     * Add fullscreen mode button to the toolbar (doesn’t have an icon 
>>> at the moment, it’s the third button from the right)
>>>     * Change fullscreen mode so that it doesn’t hide the toolbar 
>>> (otherwise there’s no way to get back from fullscreen mode)
>>>     * Switch to using the much prettier blue tango icons
>>>     * Make the line separation larger so the text doesn’t overlap
>>>     * Reduce the font size
>>>     * Change the default colours to match openmoko’s colour scheme 
>>> better (and so it’s a little easier on the eyes)
>>> And most importantly…
>>>     * Make it so that tapping the sides of the screen turns the book’s 
>>> pages (left = backwards, right = forwards)
>>> Here’s a screenshot of what it used to look like:
>>> http://blog.mikeasoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/fbreader-orig.png
>>> And what it looks like with my patches:
>>> http://blog.mikeasoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/fbreader-openmoko.png
>>> To install it simply run:
>>> opkg install http://mikeasoft.com/~mike/openmoko/enca_1.9-r3_armv4t.ipk 
>>> http://mikeasoft.com/~mike/openmoko/fbreader_0.8.2a-r6+elleopatches_om-gta02.ipk
>>> (all on one line)
>>> For those interested the patch can also be downloaded from 
>>> http://mikeasoft.com/~mike/openmoko/fbreader-openmoko.patch.
>>> Bonus points for anyone who knows what book I’m testing it with in the 
>>> screenshots (without googling) ;).
>>>  Cheers,
>>>   Mike.
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