FBReader now working on the FreeRunner

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 23:15:26 CEST 2008

2008/10/13 Kosa <kosa at piradio.org>:
> Easy dude, there is a discussion taking place about that right know on this
> very list,
> and this kind of comments don't help at all. Be aware of the last thing we
> need is
> one more flame.
> You made some incredible points about why should we have a community manager
> and what things he or she might be doing, but then again, this does not help
> at all.

i don't think this was a flame at all - in fact what rod said was very
constructive, and shows a practical application of what he said
earlier. these comments do help

and someone at openmoko has clearly been listening, they are asking
for direction

keep it up, rod. this is all good stuff

> Rod Whitby escribió:
> If Openmoko had a community manager, that person would contact Michael
> directly and:
> 1) Invite Michael to get commit privs and commit this patch himself directly
> to the OM repo.  This may include teaching about how it all works.
> or
> 2) Grab the patch, add it to the repo themselves (if Michael is not keen to
> become a full developer)
> and
> 3) Make sure the autobuilders for all the different distributions build this
> package and put it in the official feeds.
> 4) Add the entry to opk.org
> Then all Openmoko users would benefit from Michael's work, and hopefully
> Michael would accept the offer of commit access (and access to do everything
> else above for himself) and be able to port many more applications for
> Openmoko without needing the intervention of the community manager in the
> future.

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