FBReader now working on the FreeRunner

Michael Sheldon mike at mikeasoft.com
Sun Oct 12 23:19:18 CEST 2008

Risto H. Kurppa wrote:
> Hey this is a great thing, I might actually have a look at some old
> finnish classics (http://www.lonnrot.net/etext.html)
> For some reason the line spacing seems to be a bit too small (with
> setting 2.0) and the lines overlap. Is there a way to make the line
> spacing even bigger than this?

Hi Risto,

  I had set the default spacing to 3.0 (which should be fine); however 
it turns out that the options dialog only allows up to 2.0, so if you 
view the options dialog then click "OK" it resets the spacing to 2.0. 
I've now fixed this so the options dialog will let you select anything 
up to 4.0. Just install the updated package available here:



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