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> On Sun, 12 Oct 2008 22:21:06 -0400, Stefan Monnier
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> >> I use Raster's Illume keyboard, and select the Terminal layout, and most
> > of
> >
> > I guess it's the part that I don't get.  What means "Raster's Illume
> > keyboard" and how do I select another keyboard?
> > I've read the Wiki about it, but I must be too dense to understand it;
> > it always seems to refer to a system that looks different from mine.
> > I have installed 2008.9 with few changes as of now.
> > I guess I'll try again,
> >
> >
> >         Stefan
> try:
> opkg install illume-config illume-config-illume
> Should net you the 'qwerty' icon on the left in the Top Shelf.  When
> selected it will open Raster's Illume keyboard. (which should be the
> default keyboard at this point, though you may need to restart - at least
> xserver-nodm - and it WILL occasionally revert to the Qtopia keyboard,
> particularly when changes or updates to something Qtopia are made.  if it
> shows the predictive keyboard (Raster's version) then tab the icon at the
> top-right of the keyboard and select 'Terminal' from the list.
> Back up the 89qtopia before updating wholesale, and replace it when the
keyboards fail.  Less pain, more gain.
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