[Om2008.9] Using Freerunner as a digital audio player

Xavier Cremaschi omega.xavier at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 12:06:39 CEST 2008

Dan Jensen a écrit :
>   Surely a program which grabs the information from your well-designed
> file system schema would work for you here? The trick is, doing it in
> this manner (that is, with tags) makes sure you have processing power
> left over when browsing the music, as all the tags are cached in a
> high-performance database. It also gives you the advantage of being
> able to find tracks directly by artist or by album or by... you get
> the idea, i'm sure :) While your filesystem is optimal for a single
> path through the music, the method used in the qt mediaplayer makes
> sure that the information is accessible through a number of different
> paths. So... give tags a shot before you discard their usefulness ;)
>> qtopia-phone-x11-mediaplayer seems totally usable with fingers, and
>> that's the big motivation for me to use it.
>   On a related topic, the media player designed by the Qt people is
> rather simplistic, and while it works quite well, the Amarok team is
> working on a new player based on the technologies in Amarok 2 - what
> that means is that you'll be able to do all sorts of interesting
> things... This is again all tags based stuff, so may well not be what
> you want, but as general information for other people ;)
> ..leinir

I just want a single view named "Folders" (which would be a file 
explorer) instead of the existing "Albums", "Artists", "Genre".

I totally understand that a tag-based player could be interesting for 
some people, but I *know* where my files are in my collection.

If I want to listen to Metallica's last album on my laptop (with 
Sonata/MPD), I just go into metal/Metallica/ and I add 'Death Magnetic' 
folder to my playlist.
I don't need to search "Genre:Thrash" or "Genre:Metal", nor 
"Artist:Metallica" because I know where this folder is.
In fact, yes it is optimal for a single path to the music, and that's 
what I want.

The tag-based approach is a good way to dig into a collection you are 
discovering. Maybe it's shared by a friend, maybe you don't know what 
you have on your disk... whatever, I know which CD I ripped and where I 
stored it on my disk, and collection size is not a limit of this non 
tag-based approach you can trust me ;)

To make a debian analogy, I use debtags to find a package providing a 
functionality I want, but I do not use the tags when I *know* package's 


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