Example of community manager job role Was: Re: FBReader now working on the FreeRunner

Rod Whitby rod at whitby.id.au
Mon Oct 13 13:00:22 CEST 2008

Stroller wrote:
> On 12 Oct 2008, at 20:55, Rod Whitby wrote:
>> If Openmoko had a community manager, that person would contact  
>> Michael directly and:
>> 1) Invite Michael to get commit privs and commit this patch himself  
>> directly to the OM repo.  This may include teaching about how it all  
>> works.
> Is it possible to give Michael commit privs for only this package,  
> though? One surely wouldn't want to give them to a community member on  
> the basis of a single GUI app and later find he has b0rked the whole  
> kernel tree.

In four years of running a project with a very low commit barrier, I've
never had a single problem.  And configuration management systems are
designed to be able to remove an errant version, so even in the remote
case that it does happen it's trivial to detect (since lots of people
watch each and every commit) and fix.

If you give people guidance on what they should and should not modify,
then you will find that they follow those guidelines.

-- Rod

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