[Om2008.9] Using Freerunner as a digital audio player

GNUtoo at no-log.org GNUtoo at no-log.org
Mon Oct 13 15:00:03 CEST 2008

> On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 10:45:01AM +0200, Xavier Cremaschi wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> yesterday I tried to use qtopia-phone-x11-mediaplayer and some ogg/mp3
>> files to transform the FR into a digital audio player.
>> I have encountered 3 software problems :
>> 1. audio quality is bad (whereas it is good with Debian+Sonata/Mpd, so
>> definitively not a hardware problem here) : is there a way to tune some
>> parameters ?
>> 2. external speakers still work after headphones being plugged : is
>> there an alsa subtlety here ? (it switches automatically with Debian)
>> 3. software relies upon tags, which I do not use at all. I have a
>> precise filesystem scheme and no need of tag-based players trying to
>> sort my music. Is there a way of telling the thing to stop trying to be
>> smart ? I need a dumb soft here ;)
>> qtopia-phone-x11-mediaplayer seems totally usable with fingers, and
>> that's the big motivation for me to use it.
> 4. battery life :)
> Rui
5.The Hardware problem of external speakers/headphones:
I was *very* disapointed when I discovered the audio quality via
headphones:in IRC they told me that it was because the capacitor(that is
between headphone out and the sound card)'s value was too low and acted as
a filter...
As I am too afraid of breaking the openmoko i won't change the capacitor
myself...but what could I do? build/buy an external amplifier(will it work
fine?) or find a place where they could remplace me the capacitor?
I wanted to remplace my old ogg player with the openmoko...because my old
ogg player is(pma430):
*not powerfull enough to decode all the internet radios(such as mms://)
*has a lot of bugs(the port of mplayer is buggy on it,and the default
audio player too)
*can't be easely programmed to make a usefull(quick and dirty)
player...because there is an old qtopia,python hasn't the gtk
library,mplayer is buggy etc...so making a player is out of my capacity...

So I Thought buying the openmoko that I could also use it as a ogg/radio
player...but without headphones...I can't listen to it in the metro...

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