Openmoko to shift to 2.6.27 kernel ?

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Mon Oct 13 23:22:55 CEST 2008

[Sorry, this may be slightly off topic]

May I draw the attention of those whom it might concern to the
following article on LWN, where some guys got linux to boot on an eee
pc in 5 seconds:

Am I the only one whose eyes are dreamy and glazed over after reading this?

Can we learn anything from this?

2008/10/13 Joel Newkirk <freerunner at>:
> On Mon, 13 Oct 2008 17:48:50 +0200, David Samblas
> <dsamblasomcommunity at> wrote:
>> El lun, 13-10-2008 a las 00:42 -0400, Joel Newkirk escribió:
>>> Which one way or another goes to highlight that Qi - as it stands now
>> and
>>> from what I understand of the intention for it - will not be usable for
>> a
>>> dual-boot setup.  Not a problem actually, as NOR uBoot will let us
>> achieve
>>> that, and I realize that the common target case will be a user who wants
>> a
>>> smartphone, not a multiboot development platform.  I just realized that
>> the
>>> default behavior of Qi being uSD and the default behavior of uBoot being
>>> NAND means you could place 'primary' on uSD and 'secondary' in NAND, and
>>> booting to secondary is just two-step - NOR boot with aux+power, then
>> power
>>> again to boot.  Don't you love that feeling when things start to click?
>> :)
>>> Now I have Base/Empty firing up by default, Raster+FSO if I use aux to
>>> invoke NOR Uboot.
>>> j
>> I'm not a kernel hacker only a user, but as I undertand It would be
>> better to invert that behaviour, better to primary boot from NAND and
>> then secondary boot on uSD, a normal user must boot his phone even
>> without any uSD. Normal boot to nand, and if you want to boot from
>> anything else do something else. It's a pitty than NOR uboot doesn't
>> allow to boot from uSD by default, but this fault does't have to change
>> the logical behaviour NAND is attached to the phone and is less likely
>> blow up the hole S.O. sa mistake by a normal user putting some music in
>> his uSD card trough a 2.0 Card reader :) seekeng for some free space
> If there's NO uSD, or the uSD doesn't contain a folder named 'boot' on the
> first partition, with a file named 'uImage.bin', then Qi will boot from
> NAND.  It's just if you WANT a dual-boot environment that currently Qi
> doesn't let you do that simply.  As Andy noted in his response to that
> post, however, he plans for Qi to support user selection of boot, it just
> doesn't do it at this time.  Until it offers the ability to select, then
> the present behavior (check for kernel on uSD, else use NAND) makes more
> sense that always going to NAND and only NAND.
> j
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