[Om2008.9] Using Freerunner as a digital audio player

Thomas Köckerbauer tkoeck at gup.jku.at
Tue Oct 14 21:53:33 CEST 2008

I was also searching for an audioplayer meeting my requirements (which are 
quite basic), but none of those I found really fullfilled them. So I started 
to make a new one, which is not really finished yet (I wanted to make it a 
bit more complete before I announce it, but I thought it might fit to the 
discussion). I did not invest a lot of time because I did not find a working 
headset to 3,5mm plug adapter yet (now I'm planing to build one myself), but 
since I read now that the audio quality should be that good I have to admit 
that I got a bit dismotivated.

If somebody is interested it looks like this:


The source can be found here (be warned its a bit of a hack right now):

You have to place the binary and the edj file into the same directory (the edj 
file has to be in the working directory) and start it with:
audioplayer <music-root-dir>

It uses libmad and requires about 15% cpu for decoding an average mp3 file. 
I'm thinking about to remove libmad and making a gui plugin for mplayer from 
it, which would support more file formats (but from what I've seen in the 
mplayer source this would be quite some work).

Comments and contributions are welcome :)

Am Tuesday 14 October 2008 20:42:32 schrieb Clemens Kirchgatterer:
> Xavier Cremaschi <omega.xavier at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I just want a single view named "Folders" (which would be a file
> > explorer) instead of the existing "Albums", "Artists", "Genre".
> >
> > I totally understand that a tag-based player could be interesting for
> > some people, but I *know* where my files are in my collection.
> i allways find it strange if i can't make a playlist by simply
> selecting a directory from the filebrowser view.
> clemens

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