Repositories missing after update to testing feed.

Sarton O'Brien roguemoko at
Wed Oct 15 03:56:00 CEST 2008

On Friday 10 October 2008 18:54:11 abatrour wrote:
> Hey guys I need help. After I upgraded from stock 2008.9 to the latest
> testing feed and rebooted I noticed most of my *feed.conf files are gone.
> All I have left are:
> arch.conf
> fic-gta02-feed.conf
> Multiverse-feed.conf
> Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Yes. I have stopped using the distro-feeds package due to the inconsistencies 
between the files produced and the actual available repos.

My suggestion would be to configure them manually.

I keep three directories within /etc/opkg to store confs from the three repos 
I switch between. Admittedly this isn't that useful but it means I have a 
backup of all the required confs when I need them.


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