Openmoko to shift to 2.6.27 kernel ?

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at
Wed Oct 15 07:05:59 CEST 2008

Joel Newkirk wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Oct 2008 12:03:53 +1100, "Sarton O'Brien"
> <roguemoko at> wrote:
> I'm guessing with the current scenario, invoking a generic boot from nor
>> means 
>> you lose any benefits of an updated u-boot/qi in nand? As in you may see
>> power 
>> management regressions and the like?
>> Sarton
> Correct.  NOR U-Boot only supports SD booting off FAT+EXT3, for example -
> if the kernel isn't in a FAT/VFAT partition it barfs.  (though
> interestingly it should be possible to boot the same distro off SD with
> either of two kernels - Qi looking for /boot/uImage.bin and NOR UBoot
> looking for a uImage file in the root of a FAT partition)

Isn't there a way to update/configure the NOR u-Boot too?

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