OpenMooCow 0.1

Alastair Johnson alastair at
Wed Oct 15 12:05:32 CEST 2008

Thomas White wrote:
> I'm pleased to be able to announce version 0.1 of my "advanced
> accelerometer and audio framework testing system", OpenMooCow.
> Available from
> When installed and run, OpenMooCow displays an artistic rendition of
> a fine specimen of Friesian dairy cattle.  Invert the device and return
> it to an upright orientation to experience the pinnacle of audio
> rendering "kwality".
> The sound effect can be altered by putting a suitable WAV file
> in /usr/share/openmoocow/moo.wav.  A credit is due to Chris Hendricks
> who is the author of the original sound file (obtained from
> Comments/abuse to this address.
> Tom

Wonderfully silly, thanks!

On FSO it couldn't find the audio device so I modprobed snd_pcm_oss and 

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