OpenMooCow 0.1

Michael Zanetti michael_zanetti at
Thu Oct 16 08:02:11 CEST 2008

On Thursday 16 October 2008 01:08:26 William Kenworthy wrote:
> Rather than reboot, suspend/resume usually works for me.

Unfortunately it doesn't for me. Anyways I noticed that only the upper 
accelerometer (/dev/input/event2) stops working here. I have never seen this 
happening on do lower one (event3). For this I can't really understand why 
_every_ app around is using the upper one.

I guess the lower one doesn't crash right because it is never used. But 
anyways, I have seen crashing the upper one even if unused quite often. This 
never happens with the lower one...

Can anyone confirm this behaviour or am I alone in this situation?

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