File browser and mplayer frontend for the Openmoko

Minh Ha Duong haduong at
Thu Oct 16 10:01:42 CEST 2008

> I have just completed my first packages for the Openmoko. First things
> first, here are the instructions, download links, and screenshots:

> Besides about the programs themselves, I will welcome suggestions
> regarding how to better generate the packages, and how to host them
> somewhere more « official ». Actually, I'd even be happy if someone
> would volunteer for this task, and push me to commit fixes :)


There are four places involved: the forge, the repository, the directory and 
the wiki.

1. The forge: "official" hosting is at
The quotes are important, this is provided only as a community service.
So far this service availability has been in the 90s rather than 99% uptime.

2. The repository: official (no quotes) package repository at:
I think there is a script that pulls daily released packages from I also had a glimpse of a web interface to drop your 
packages there, and further openings are probably planned.

3. The directory: In addition to hosting, you also want indexing at: .
Your packages are already in there, but I mention it for future reference.

4. The wiki: you want the packages to be found when people search in the wiki.
Obviously we are thinking about automatic crosslinking with the above 
information sources, and obviously this is non-trivial work (see Alessandro's 
cross-sites Om search engine ) . 
Meanwhile, application developpers are kindly suggested to at least drop a 
link at:

Happy hacking,

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