Back to the basics: improving user experience

John Lee john_lee at
Thu Oct 16 09:47:24 CEST 2008


Like Wolfgang said in

We assembled a team to focus on improving the user experience.  Here
is our todo list at the moment:

* Reduce boot time.

* Optimize the touch screen driver on freerunner for finger usage.

* A generic python loader to enhance the start up time of python

* Work with system team to improve suspend/resume user experience.

I would like to ask the community:

What do you want us to work on?

The idea is

* We improve the current stack, not creating new features.

* Prefer stuffs which could be brought over to gta03 instead of
  gta02/om2008 specific.

* won't work on om2007 stack.

So, tell us what you want, then the coding monkeys will start working!


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