Back to the basics: improving user experience

John Lee john_lee at
Thu Oct 16 12:30:33 CEST 2008

On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 05:15:59PM +0800, W.Kenworthy wrote:
> 2008.9 + updates
> A phone that works:
> 	reliably make and receive calls
> 	reliably make and receive sms's
> At the moment, totally losing sms messages (phone sometimes
> hangs/crashes when one comes in) or not waking up if suspended  when one
> comes in means that its almost unusable as a phone.
> It often takes several boots before the pin dialog comes up. If you
> forget while waiting and it does come up but its awhile until you get to
> it, it will hang so you have to reboot anyway.  Sometimes restarting X
> helps, but not always
> Stability:
> My average in normal usage is at least two boots a day due to crashes,
> and often extra rebooting to check if an sms comes in (sometimes they
> will only show on fresh re-registration.  Leaving the phone on and
> registered for hours doesnt seem to help - not sure how vodafone
> australia takes to retry messages but surely its less that 12 hours.
> The only way to stop crashes is not to use the thing! No GPS, no
> wireless, no phone calls, and definitely never send/receive an sms :)
> I suspect the event/0 thread is at the root of a lot of this so I am
> waiting a fix for that.
> I dont think I am alone in this - hopefully the new focus means that
> these issues can be dealt with.
> I am a little concerned though that you think things like boot time is
> important enough to mention, but not basic issues like being able to
> reliably make a phone call.  Though a faster boot means less time wasted
> going through multiple bootups to get the thing registered. :)

I would like to explain a bit more about this:

We're not the only team that will work on the new focus.  Stability
should be greatly improved by the effort of FSO, and boot time is just
another thing we would also like to improve.

At the same time, we will work on fixing qtopia bugs as well, so if
the problems you have is in trac already, we will look into them.

- John

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