Back to the basics: improving user experience

Alasal myrealemail at
Thu Oct 16 13:49:42 CEST 2008

I agree, we don't have to spend developer time on things that are going away.
(So please don't fix qtopia) 

And here are the bugs that should be solved (My opinion):

LANSCAPE Landscape mode must work good,
also for glamo Going into landscape mode must be
smooth Landscape mode shouldn't shift
the screen by 160px Let libsdl spit out the correct
mouse coordinations

WIFI Give the wifi driver more love Make the wifi work with
one-character long ESSID Let the wifi also connect with
WEP networks

VARIA Charger shouldn't stop charging
when it's still connected Fix the gsm reregistering issue.
(Only if it's not qtopia related) Finally fix the python-pygtk
program Fix the echo problem Don't let the partition table of
the sd card be corrupted Don't let cpu do nothing and
still eating 30% Keep xglamo at the same
performance Solve the WSOD, so openmoko isn't
the next windows

Neil Jerram wrote:
> I agree that you should not spend time on Qtopia.  Even though I use
> Qtopia most of the time, I would prefer you to focus all your efforts
> on the lower levels (up to and including the FSO dbus interfaces)
> until they are rock solid.
>        Neil

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