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Thu Oct 16 14:25:28 CEST 2008

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> 2008/10/16  <joakim at>:
>> Here are my desired clients I want to develop:
>> - Emacs phone services on top of dbus
> Hey, me too!  Can we share / help each other out?

Cool! Clearly we should work together.
Here are some ideas of mine:
- get emacs23 working, so one can use the dbus support of emacs 23.
- make a dialer compatible with bbdb, and later addressbook.el
- make a gnus backend for sms
- a symbol chooser keyboard, much like you hinted at below.
  Heres my take on the idea:
  - start the "keyboard"(an emacs app) in a particular context(lets say
  m-x now, but its the same for adresses or whatever)
  - (1) show all unique prefixes in this context
  - (2) choose a prefix
  - (3) repeat from (1) with the chosen prefix, exit on a terminal symbol

I really think Emacs could be a superiour telephone application plattform!
> That said, all I have so far is an attempt at an Emacs soft keyboard
> (attached).  It's very clunky and basic right now, but I think there
> are lots of possibilities down this road, such as "predictive"
> keyboards (like the Qtopia one), keyboards that are optimized for
> specific applications, etc.
> Regards,
>        Neil
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