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> Am looking at buying a Freerunner for use on a embedded course.
> When I looked at buying last year the phone came with a developer
> board...and a pretty case!
> If I buy a freerunner now it will not come with the interface board.
> What restrictions will this put on my development. Will I be unable to
> modify the U-Boot code. Can I flash all the blocks within the flash?
> TA
> Leo
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You can update uboot and install new kernels and rootfs using openmoko's
dlf-util program.  But if you mess up programming uboot, your going to brick
you phone.

They sell a JTAB / serial port board for the freerunner.  This board is nice
because it can work on any arm system that has the 20 pin JTAG connector.
Openmoko still sells the "Dboard" on the US direct site
http://us.direct.openmoko.com/.  Basicly its a FTDI high speed usb to serial
interface chip wired up to be a JTAG. Its nice because its a simple open
jtag system, that programs like xilinx and openOCD can operate.

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