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Leonti Bielski prishelec at
Thu Oct 16 21:49:18 CEST 2008

       Personally I would like to see stopping development of ASU and 2007
stack and concentrate on FSO and developing some standards.
The reason for this is that so much time and effort are spent on something
that we won't use in the future. If the official distro is going to be based
on FSO, than a lot of work will be just thrown away. Example -
suspend/resume issue - some people work to get it done on ASU, spending
time, and some are working on the same problem on FSO. Than, when FSO will
be merged with the main distro - we won't need suspend thing from ASU - a
lot of time and effort for nothing. It's just an example.
      About standards - FSO is good from this point. I can develop for it
using different languages and it's awesome. But what about PIM stack? There
is a project from GSOC, but it's either dead or just being developed really
slow. What if some time OM is spending on ASU get to develop PIM stack for
FSO? Or even make a 0.9 release of FSO even earlier as planned?

In short I would like to see:
1. Abandonment of ASU and 2007.
2. More effort fo FSO.
3. Some fixes for Qtopia (for people who needs working phone), instead of
working on ASU.
4. Hardware - some fixes. Personally I have GSM re-registering problem. Some
people have others. A lot of them are fixed, but it still needs some work.

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