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Thu Oct 16 23:38:54 CEST 2008

Leonti Bielski wrote:
> But what about PIM stack?
> There is a project from GSOC, but it's either dead or just being
> developed really slow. What if some time OM is spending on ASU get to
> develop PIM stack for FSO? Or even make a 0.9 release of FSO even
> earlier as planned?

This is what I'd like to write. But there's a think I'd like to remark
here too (I've already said on the devel list), imho we should move to a
PIM stack that is compatible with the Qtopia one not to break
compatibility and support for multi-boot also from an high level
application point of view.
That PIM stack is quite good and accessible with easy instruments
(practically all is done with a sqlite3 database, and the same can be
easily doable with new python stack too).

Imho this should be a key point. It's quite obvious that a good PIM
stack is vital for a portable device.

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