Back to the basics: improving user experience

Ben Hussey brettjamin at
Thu Oct 16 20:52:28 CEST 2008

> Citando John Lee <john_lee at>:
>> What do you want us to work on?
> Prioritized:
> 1 - Solve the call quality problems (echo, buzzing, volume) for 99% of  
> the users.
> 2 - Solve the illume resume problems. They have been talked about over  
> and over, but unfortunately the information is scattered and  
> imprecise. the tickets themselves have misleading info (I should know,  
> I helped confuse you...), so maybe this deserves a new single ticket,  
> where everyone contributes with more exact information;
> 3 - Get the wifi driver corrected, so that it does not create link  
> association and stability and problems;
> 4 - Finish/validate implementation of the networking stack (all the  
> way up to resolv.conf and friends);
> 5 - Merge the GPRS muxer into the stable distro, so that it works out  
> of the box;
> 6 - Integrate the main applications with the power management: if QPE  
> wants to index the whole friggin' filesystem right after boot, then  
> give it time to do so before going into suspend; if you don't, it just  
> bogs down the CPU for many suspend/resume cycles, creating all sorts  
> of problems, and we don't know what is going on...
> 7 - Accelerate Qt applications - they respond so slowly that a normal  
> user will shoot itself in the foot everyday (i.e. pushing the "Answer"  
> button twice because it didn't appear to respond, effectively killing  
> the call; or taking the phone to the ear after pushing "Answer" and  
> having it rind loudly one last time in the ear);
> 8 - Work with the people of FDOM to integrate the best workarounds and  
> hacks - they did the work already, just use it.
> 9 - Get all the bluetooth support organized out-of-the-box. I haven't  
> played with it in a long time, but it looked like black voodoo to get  
> a simple pairing and OBEX exchange going... forget about PAN!...
> 10 - Put a "speaker" button on the dialer app. This is my only GUI  
> desire for now...
> Vasco.

Yes to the call quality(#1)!  Please fix this, I hate talking to people 
on my Freerunner since they can't hear me well, and I can't hear them. 
I used a friends phone the other day and was blown away by how good the 
people on the other end sounded....This should be a non-issue.

I wholly agree with this list, in this order. +10!


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