Trouble building qt extended

Jonathan Schultz jonathan at
Fri Oct 17 03:04:50 CEST 2008


In the hope that some of the bugs in Qt extended 4.4.1 are fixed in the 
new sources at 
I'm trying to build qt extended.

However I seem to get stuck with the following:

> jschultz at corporeal:~/openmoko/qt-extended/build$ bin/qbuild image
> Removing /home/jschultz/openmoko/qt-extended/build/image
> Project (/src/tools/content_installer) ERROR: Did not get QTDIR!
> Aborted

I've tried setting an environment variable QTDIR to various values like 
/usr/share/qt4 /usr/lib/qt4 and others but to no effect.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Jonathan

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