Dillo: lightweight webbrowser v2.0

Yaroslav Halchenko site-openmoko.org at onerussian.com
Fri Oct 17 03:41:45 CEST 2008

Just wanted to share, 

that Dillo was featured in the recent LWN http://lwn.net/Articles/303502/
Lightweight, Linux-compatible browser evolves (DesktopLinux.com)

there are builds for debian (no arm port but dsc+diff are there so should
be easily buildable) and there is
http://misc.andi.de1.cc/dillo/dillo_2.0-r0_armv4t.ipk although I've not tried
either of them since I forgotten my usb cable at work and FR fails to connect
to me WEPed Wifi.

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